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Our New Fairy Tree

Our New Trampoline and Sandpit

Trampoline: Apart from being lots of fun, the trampoline also helps children learn to control their body movements and gain more muscle control. It also enhances co-ordination and concentration.

Sandpit: This invites participation and encourages children to make and test ideas. It stretches the children's imagination and provides a potentially soothing sensory experience.


Now that Autumn has arrived, the green leaves are slowly turning to orange and red


Fundays Covid 19 Policy

We have released a new  Coronavirus Policy and Procedure that has been available  to all parents. Our Coronavirus Policy details and reinforces the working practices and  procedures that we have adopted to minimise the potential impact of Covid 19 on our Setting, clients and staff.

The following key areas are detailed: Drop off and collection of children, handwashing before entering the setting and leaving the bag and shoes and coats on the station, hygiene (children and materials), social distancing, illness and infection, emotional support and communication.


We are committed and determined  to minimise the impact of this dreadful virus. 


Fundays Handwashing Stations


Last Inspection Reports


Our previous inspection reports are not available online from the CIW website. From 2020 they will be published and available to the general public online (along with those for all other registered childminding settings).

CIW Overall assessment October 2017

"Children enjoy a wide range of interesting indoor and outdoor activities. They are very happy, settled and confident. The child minder promotes a healthy lifestyle and places a strong emphasis on outdoor play; part of the inspection took place outdoors. Children are very well settled and have obvious bonds of affection with the child minder. The environment in which care is given is safe and stimulating. The child minder is committed to ongoing improvement and involves both parents and children in discussions about ways to improve the service she offers. The child minder has good administrative skills and her documents and records are well organised."

Fundays Awarded


Healthy Sustainable Pre-school Award

In 2017 Fundays At Esme's became the first Childminding Setting in Powys to complete and be awarded the Healthy Sustainable Pre-school Scheme accreditation.

The scheme focussed on the following Childminding Setting criteria:

Nutrition and Oral Health,  Physical Activity/Active Play, Mental and Emotional Health, Wellbeing and Relationships, Environment, Safety, Hygiene and also the Workplace Health and Wellbeing